Dreyer & Kollegen Real Estate GmbH (dk real estate) is a real estate consultancy company with head office in Frankfurt am Main. dk real estate has extensive experience in the real estate business, in particular in the development, planning and realisation of property development projects. With our interdisciplinary knowledge, clear-cut methods and comprehensive experience we would be pleased to contribute towards the success of your property project. This brochure will give you an overview of our consultancy services. At your request, we would be pleased of the opportunity to introduce ourselves in a personal meeting.
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Range of Services

We mainly provide our consultancy services during the first three life-cycle phase of a property: conception, planning and realisation.
Project Development Project Management Project Supervision Claim Management Project Controlling Transaction Consultancy Redevelopment

Project Development

Project development brings project idea, plot, capital and user together with the aim of recommending a profitable investment. The project development begins with the initiation of the project and ends with the decision either to pursue the project idea and place the corresponding planning orders or to discontinue all further activities due to too high project risks. The life-cycle of a property begins with the project development.

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dk real estate provides consultancy services within the framework of project development on behalf of an investor on a fee or success-related basis. These services mainly include the following tasks:

  • Location analysis and location forecast
  • Market research
  • Acquisition of plots
  • Utilisation conception
  • Preliminary planning concept
  • Marketing
  • Project financing
  • Rates, corporate and capital transactions tax
  • Budget
  • Returns schedule
  • Profitability analysis and assessment
  • Risk analysis and risk assessment
  • Preparations for decisions on continuation or discontinuation

Project Management

The project management takes on functions of the principal and is competent in assertion and decision-making. It is responsible for controlling and supervising the project in line function. From experience, we know that the project management is required during the phase of the project development, during the planning and realisation, right up to the beginning of the utilisation.

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dk real estate is mainly responsible for the following project management tasks on a fee and success-related basis:

  • Presentation and making of decisions in good time
  • Implementing action
  • Acquiring permission
  • Managing conflicts
  • Conducting negotiations
  • Providing a central project contact point
  • Carrying out representation duties

Project Supervision

The segment Project Supervision takes on delegable builder-owner tasks from a technical, economic, legal and organisational point of view in projects with several specialised areas in a staff function. Project supervision, according to experience, is required in the phase beginning with project development, during planning and realisation, and ending with the commencement of the utilisation.

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dk real estate takes on the responsibility for the following four areas of action on a fee and success-related basis:

  • Organisation, information, coordination and documentation
  • Qualities and quantities
  • Costs and financing
  • Schedules, capacities and logistics

Claim Management

Claim management is our approach to averting unjustified, supplemental claims and ensuring the success of the project on your behalf – to save you time and money!

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Our experience in the building trade shows that an instrument for recognising and assessing claims as a result of amended planning and construction services, in particular in cases of complex building projects, is recommendable.

Within the framework of our range of services, dk real estate supports you, with experts from the specialised fields of civil engineering, construction management and construction law, in particular when dealing with supplements, the preparation of supplementary negotiations, coping with obstruction notice and averting damage compensation claims.

Thanks to the clear separation of claim management services from other types of services, we demonstrate the additional advantages of claim management and present you with a success-related remuneration model.

Project Controlling

The independent, project-supporting inspections carried out during project controlling, are intended to point out to our client any discrepancies in his/her property projects in good time and to recommend measures that would still lead to achieving the original aim of the project.

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The control functions and the recommendations derived from these do not differ in content from the corresponding tasks of project supervision. The division of project controlling into four areas of action and a total of five project phases is similar to the division of project supervision.

Project controlling and project supervision differ with regard to their influence on the planning and construction procedure and with regard to possible addresses for their control results.

Project supervision actively influences operative planning and building process. Project controlling, on the other hand, takes on the secondary, supplementary project control along the lines of a four-eyes principle.

Whereas the results of the project supervision are primarily intended for the project management of the builder-owner, the results of project controlling are targeted at higher builder-owner bodies such as executive management and a board of directors or even at others involved in the project, such as investors, banks and users.

In practice, it is important to have a thorough comprehension of the content and function of project controlling. dk real estate consequently offers these services on the real estate market on a fee and success-related basis.

Transaction Consultancy

Transactions on the real estate market have gained considerably in extent and dynamics, particularly over the past few years. We would be pleased to give you our support in successfully selling your property or finding a new property for you on the market. In this connection, we can offer you the following services:

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  • Developing a transaction strategy
  • Identifying suitable properties
  • Identifying buyers or sellers of properties
  • Analysing, inspecting and assessing offers
  • Planning, coordinating and controlling the required due diligences
  • Compiling the necessary documentation
  • Support in buying or selling negotiations

We discuss with you the detailed services required for the concrete transaction. dk real estate estate offers these services on the property market on a fee and success-related basis.


Revitalisation is the thorough renewal (literally: re-enlivenment) of existing buildings. Revitalisation measures will increase over the coming years because new buildings will not always be possible or economical in future, as: especially in the conurbations there will be less space available for new constructions.

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Regulations for buildings listed for protection as monuments often no longer allow demolition of the existing buildings for consequent new constructions. In some cases the demolition of the available stock is linked with the loss of usable premises because the current urban development planning only permits a smaller area to be newly constructed on the same spot.

As a project developer, project manager and project controller the dk real estate has successfully accompanied several revitalisation measures as well as redevelopments with change of use on existing buildings over the past few years. In particular the scope of work of revitalisation therefore includes project development and project management tasks on existing buildings that require thorough renewal. The success of such projects depends in particular on the following factors:

  • Realistic analysis of the existing building with regard to support structure, geometry, contamination, fire, damp and noise protection
  • Correct assessment of the eligibility for a permit
  • Certain evaluation of achievable area efficiencies
  • Careful selection of suitable planners and specialists
  • Choice of suitable forms of awarding and contracts for planning and execution
  • Reconciliation with neighbours in good time
  • Reconciliation with building authority, fire department and listed buildings authorities in good time
  • Careful choice of suitable building contractors
  • Submission of realistic cost calculations and time schedules suitable for the building concerned
  • Transparent risk assessment for costs, qualities and deadlines
  • Calculation of realistic yield expectations
  • Correct assessment of taxation aspects